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Bam Bam Pearl Collection >>
Bam Bam Pearls.. a name that is unique to us. Most of us remember The Flintstones—Wilma, Betty and Pebbles in their beautiful, chunky pearl chokers. When dressing up, or dressing down, they were a staple necklace. Bam Bams are freshwater cultured baroque pearls with a very unique shape. We offer multiple colors and styles. No two are alike, which is the appeal for this collection.


Wild Pearl Collection >>
We call these freshwater baroques “Wild Pearls” due to their large and unique shape. The variance in size and shape lends the ability to create unusual and fascinating designs.


Edison Pearl Collection >>
Thomas Edison said “There are two things which couldn’t be made in my laboratory… diamonds and pearls. Hence, the Edison was born. These pearls are cultivated by genetically modifying what happens inside the mollusk. This process creates a high luster and brilliant color that can be compared with saltwater pearls such a Tahitian or South Sea Pearls.


Stone Pearl Collection >>
We call these large, freshwater cultured Biwa pearls “Stone Pearls” because of their unique geometric shape. Their natural colors are white and pink with a creamy high luster.


Turkish Gold & Silver Pearl Collection >>
This line begins with Turkish Chain heavily plated with silver and gold. We’ve added many of our freshwater cultured pearls to create beautiful designs in necklaces, lariats, bracelets and earrings.


Bohemian Suede & Leather Pearl Collection >>
This expansive collection is casual and fun, classy and stylish, blending all of our freshwater cultured pearls into hobo chic designs with suedes and leathers.


Freshwater Pearl Collection >>
Our Freshwater Collection represents all types of basic freshwater cultured baroque pearls. We’ve used them in our original and traditionally-inspired pieces to offer styles for all women with a focus on high-end trend designs.

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